Cribs for twins – what you need to know

The arrival of a new baby can put a family through all sorts of stretches as they have to prepare a lot of things for the arrival. But when twins are on their way, the problems double. Or don’t they? Here’s what you need to know about cribs for baby twins.


Special twin cribs can be found on the market, but with difficulty and at high prices. They often come in the design of bunk beds, which means the baby in the low bed will suffer some confinement. Other models, that keep the beds side by side are available, but they tend to be space-consuming and heavy, posing serious trouble when they have to be moved.

Another problem that comes with buying twin cribs is that once they’re outgrown, you have to get rid of them and your investment is lost.


However, it is a common agreement that twins don’t necessarily need special twin beds, as they are small and don’t move too much during their first period of life. A standard crib with a changing table can easily accommodate both of them for during the first few months, after which getting a second portable or travelling crib will be a much more thrifty option.

A convertible crib could solve the replacement problem as well as meet the need for more space once the children have started to outgrow the standard crib size. But of course, they won’t be so space-efficient and in the end, will be also insufficient for two grown children. Besides, if your twins are agitated and tend to roll over in their sleep or like to move around a lot having them enclosed together in the same crib might get them to climb on top of each other or suffer other kind of damages.


Of course, these are just theoretical considerations that are meant to give you an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of each option. In practice, every parent chooses what’s best for his children, and in conformity with the available space, financial resources and of, course, convenience.

What’s more important is that, regardless of the type of crib they pick, parents check for the safety features and certification that every crib must have in order to be considered safe.