Expensive blow dryers – my thoughts

If you’ve ever been in a personal-care store, you’ve probably observed the tens of offers in the blow dryers section, as well as the huge difference between price tags. But have you ever wondered what makes the expensive blow dryers so expensive and if they’re worth spending all that money? Without discussing brands, I will try to present a few key features you will encounter on a more expensive blow dryer, as well as what I think about the advantage it offers.


The first feature that makes the difference between drugstore and expensive models is the wattage, meaning the power of the dryer. The bigger the wattage, the stronger the air stream, and the faster the drying. But, to my knowledge, not all hair types are able to sustain the damage that strong air flow or great heat induce. So if you’re going to spend money, it’s better you first check if you won’t end up ruining your hair.


Another important addition that makes blow dryers prices rise is the use of certain materials that bring great benefits to the entire process. Ceramic has begun being quite common, as it emits negative ions that break the molecules of water, making the drying time much shorter. Also, these particles seal the cuticle, reducing frizziness and stopping the dehydration that occurs when the hair is under a flow of heat. Tourmaline has recently become the mark of high-end blow dryers. Its major advantage consists of the larger number it emits, but the difference in price comes more from the fact that tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone.


Other details that add to the costs of blow dryers are accessories – diffusers, concentrators and so on, and multiple levels of heat, including the “cool shot” button. These give the buyer many more styling options, and turn the blow dryer into a versatile tool, that can be used by the entire family.

I am aware that many brands price their products higher than others solely because they feel people will pay anything just to own that brand, but I also believe in the advantages that some of these accessories and improvements can bring. The health of your hair is not just something you should think about from time to time. If paying a little extra can help you maintain a beautiful, strong set of hair, then maybe you should consider it. I know I have.