Memory foam mattresses – their benefits?

Memory foam mattresses are becoming the celebrities of the bedding industry, raising waves of satisfied buyer’s every day. Is this hysteria founded or is it a simple fascination caused by the sophisticated explanations sales assistants offer each time they get the chance?


The first thing we find out about the memory foam mattress is that it is incredibly comfortable. The foam reacts to the heat of the body, becoming even more soft, surrounding the shape of the body and thus giving it full support. Some compare sleeping on a memory foam surface to sleeping on top of a cloud.

A high-density memory foam mattress is usually the best combination between a soft surface and good support. This helps especially with pressure points, relieving them and making back and joint pain much easier to endure. Spinal alignment is also better achieved when laying on such a mattress, precisely because the spine benefits from support all along its length.

Another benefit that you’ll appreciate on a memory foam mattress is its ability to muffle down the movements of your partner and yours. This feature is called motion transfer reduction and basically stops the vibration coming from across the bed, letting you enjoy your good night even though your partner is doing the twist on his/her side of the bed.


Furthermore, memory foam is the best option for those who suffer from allergies. While in some cases, allergies are caused by some of the materials themselves, most of the time he dust mites that collect into the organic fibers of the mattress are to blame. In the case of the memory foam mattress, however, the polyurethane that constitutes the foam is less subjected to collecting dust mites than organic materials, thus remaining safer for allergic persons.

Finally, one last great benefit worth mentioning is the longevity and good condition a memory foam mattress remains in during its lifespan. While innersprings break or lose resistance with time, and natural fibers deteriorate under the action of humidity, heat and pressure, polyurethane foam preserves its qualities much longer. This means that if you take care of it properly – use it with a cover and flip it over and rotate it once in awhile – you can sleep on it just as well for 10 years and maybe more.

In conclusion, although you will spend a little more on a memory foam mattress, the benefits it brings seem to be really worth it.