Point and shoot cameras – the best investment


For those of you who want to have a reliable camera that will take good pictures, but won’t break the bank, buying a point and shoot camera might be the best thing you can do with your money. These cameras may come in small packages, but their configuration allows you to photograph your favorite scenes without having to cringe over the image quality. While a professional might be unsatisfied with the performance and potential of a point and shoot, the common individual who simply wants to document his/her trips and life experiences will be happy with what these instruments have to offer.


Point and shoot cameras are extremely lightweight and easy to take away with you wherever you go. They are simple to use and offer the possibility to shoot the minute you get it out, with the auto mode, or with one of the pre-programmed shooting modes.


12You might ask why you need to buy a point and shoot if you already have a smartphone that you carry all over and is just as simple to use. The most convincing argument in this respect is the sensor size difference. The common smartphone simply cannot match the sensor on a compact camera, let alone offer a good optical zoom. Draining your phone battery while you’re alone on a mountain trek can also be a good reason to get a dedicated apparatus.


Point and shoot cameras are known to create depth of field, meaning they make everything in sight appear sharp, which can create beautiful landscape photography. Depending on the type of photography you want to create, a point and shoot might actually be better than a DSLR.


Highly convenient, point and shoot cameras have a fixed lense, meaning you won’t have to struggle with carrying and changing a whole range of lenses. Moreover, the lack of an optical viewfinder makes it take pictures quietly, without scaring away the wildlife you intent to photograph. Many professional photographers admit that, along their heavy, high-end equipment, they also carry a point and shoot, for it is fast and can be used as a very effective complementary tool.


Overall, point and shoot cameras are small, lightweight tools that usually offer a combination of 1-inch sensors and 10x+ zoom, which is more than enough to take more than acceptable photos, all in a budget-friendly package, so we think having one of these is a good investment.